Love Food, Love Wine Menu


Love Food, Love Wine - monday 30th april, 2018

beetroot and goat cheese served with a glass of sauvignon blanc

salmon cooked in two ways with carpaccio of courgette, served with a glass oif burgandy chardonnay.


duck , caramel with orange, roasty potatoes, served with a bordeaux red.

fresh fruit salad with sabayon served with a sweet wine.


£40 per person


Love Food, Love Wine - Monday 26th march, 2018

onion millefeuilles, smoked pork belly,emulsion, served with a glass of viognier

salmon and celeriac ravioli, herb cream and crispy carrots, served with a glass of chardonnay.


rabbit stuffed with herbs, whole grain mustard sauce, chestnut polanta.served with a glass of cote du rhone red.

sphere of chocolate surprise, served with a glass of sauterne.

£40 per person