Dessert Menu


Menu des Desserts

Crème Brulée   £5.95
served with pears and apple brunoise.

ile flotante   £5.95   (traditional, a real classic)
Served with creme anglaise and meringue with caramel and flakes almond.

Tarte du Jour   £5.95
Please ask your server

prune a l'armagnac.  £5.95
Served with shortbread

bread and butter  Pudding   £5.95
served with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce.

Bastille Frozen Snickers   £5.95
Iced caramel parfait with toffee ganache, cinnamon biscuit, toasted peanuts and chocolate

Sélection de Fromages   £7.95
Selection of our finest cheese served with sourdough & onion Marmalade

pear belle helen

served with vanilla ice cream and chocolat ganache  £5.95

spice pineapple carpaccio £5.95

served with lemon and mint sorbet