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Crusty French Baguette
Basket of crusty French bread served with pesto & tapenade  £2.00 per person

Crusty French Baguette
Basket of crusty French bread & butter  £2.00 per person



Soupe du jour (c)
Ask your server for today’s homemade soup   £4.50

Soupe à l'oignon 
Homemade onion soup with garlic & Gruyère crouton  £5.50 

Spiced Risotto and Smoked Haddock Cakes
served with mustard leeks and poached egg   £6.95

Rope Grown Mussels (c)

Cooked in a white wine sauce with cream, shallots, garlic & parsley   £5.95

Chicken Terrine
Served with prunes, toast and salad   £5.95

Young Buck Fritters (v)
Blue cheese fritters, burnt apple puree, pickles and a red onion marmalade   £6.95

Foie Gras
Pan fried and served with brioche and poached rhubarb and red wine sauce  £6.95

Asparagus, Orange and Poached Egg Salad
With red onion marmalade   £6.95

Braised Beef Short Rib

Served with celeriac remoulade and a brown garlic and chilli sauce  £9.95





Bavette (Rare or Medium rare) (c)

Ribeye (c)

Fillet (c)


Our steaks are served with dauphinoise potatoes and sauteed mushrooms

Les sauces: Red Wine, Peppercorn and Brandy, Jus Gras (c) £1.95


Roast Chicken (c)
Supreme served with dauphnoise potatoes, roasted vegetables, asparagus and jus gras   £14.95

Bœuf Bourguignon
Served with mashed potatoes   £14.95

Roasted Rabbit Loin
Served with black pudding, mustard leeks, vegetable puree and turned potatoes  £16.95

Rump of Lamb
Served with pork pastie, vegetable puree and minty mushy peas   £16.95

Duck Breast (c)
Served with potatoe fondants, poached rhubarb and carrot purée   £16.95



Poisson du jour (c)
Ask your server for today’s fresh market fish  £16.95

Pan Fried Seabream
Served with a spiced risotto cake, asparagus and cafe de Paris veloute  £16.95


Spiced Risotto
With asparagus, poached egg and parmesan   Half £6.95 / £13.95



French fries   £3.80
Garlic fries   £3.80
Baby new potatoes   £3.80
Mashed potatoes   £3.80
Seasonal vegetables   £3.80
Sauteed mushrooms   £3.80
Dauphinoise potatoes   £3.80

Green Beans, shallots & parmesan   £3.80

Green Salad  £3.80

(c) option celiac (v) Vegetarian
Please note food may contain traces of nuts and other allergen