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Panier de pains artisan maison
Fresh homemade bread served with pesto & tapenade (1 for 2 person)   £3.50

Panier de baguettes fraîche avec beurre
Basket of crusty French bread & butter (For 1 person)   £2.00



Soupe du jour (c)
Ask your server for today’s homemade soup   £4.50

Soupe à l'oignon
Homemade onion soup with garlic & Gruyère crouton  £5.50 

Gâteau de poisson Fumé
Lightly smoked fish cake, roasted red pepper tartare sauce, celery sticks and salad   £6.95

Moules Marinières (c)
Rope grown mussels, cooked in a white wine sauce, cream, shallots, garlic & parsley   £5.95

Duck terrine
Duck and thyme terrine with marinated prune and red onion chutney   £6.95

Fromage de Chèvre (v)
Goats cheese bavarois served with balsamic caviar and crustiny   £6.95

Foie gras poelé
Pan fried foie gras served with toasted brioche, pear chutney and watercress   £6.95

Noix de St Jacques
Pan fried scallops served with mushy peas and langoustine bisque   £6.95



Bavette (Rare or Medium rare) (c)
Flank steak served with potato and bacon roulade, onion soubise and mushroom duxelle   £14.95

Entrecote (c)
Ribeye steak served with potato and bacon roulade, onion soubise and mushroom duxelle   £16.95

Filet (c)
Beef filet served with potato and bacon roulade, onion soubise and mushroom duxelle   £22.95
Les sauces (c)
Red wine jus / Peppercorn sauce / Bois bourdon sauce   £1.95


Bastille burger
Homemade beef burger served with bap French fries, brie, rocket and red onion relish   £12.95

Blanc de poulet roti (c)
Roast chicken breast served with boulangere potatoes, beetroot puree and jus gras   £14.95

Risotto de poulet (c)
Roast chicken breast served with asparagus risotto   £14.95

Bœuf Bourguignon
Slowly braised beef marinated in red wine, bacon lardons, herbs and garlic in a rich gravy served with mash potatoes   £14.95

Rabbit loin stuffed with black pudding, served with buttered parsley potatoes, broccoli and radish   £16.95

Rump of lamb served with boulangere potatoes crush peas and crispy pancheta   £16.95

Magret de canard (c)
Honey glazed duck breast served with baby potatoes fondants, carrot purée and apples   £16.95



Poisson du jour (c)
Ask your server for today’s fresh market fish   £16.95

Dorade (c)
Pan fried seabream served with sauteed potatoes, green beans, red port reduction and black olives   £16.95

Cabillaud (c)
Pan fried cod served with pistou tagliatelles and marinated provencal tomatoes   £16.95


Asparagus  risotto (v)
Served with parmesan shavings and watercress salad    Half £6.95 / £13.95

Served with pistou, provencal tomato and rocket   Half £6.95 / £13.95



French fries   £3.80
Frites au beurre d’ail
Garlic fries   £3.80
Petites pommes de terre nouvelles
Baby new potatoes   £3.80
Pommes de terre purée
Mash potatoes   £3.80
Légumes du jour
Vegetables of the day   £3.80
Salade roquette
Rocket & balsamic reduction   £3.80
Salade de fenouil
Fennel Salad   £3.80
Champignons sautes
Sauteed mushrooms   £3.80
Pommes de terre au beurre d’ail
Garlic & herb sauteed potatoes   £3.80
Pomme de terre Boulangere
Finelly slice potatoes shallot bacon cooked in chicken stock   £3.80
Haricots vert, échalote & parmesan
Green Beans, shallots & parmesan   £3.80

(c) option celiac (v) Vegetarian
Please note food may contain traces of nuts and other allergen